One Cat: $30/day

Two Cats:  $38/day

Three Cats:  $48/day


One Cat in Room:  $26/day

Two Cats in Room:  $34/day

Medications: $2 per day/flat fee.  Owners are responsible for providing food to hide pills (peanut butter, cheese, etc.)
​Please send inoculation records to prior to stay.

One Dog:  $46/day

Two Dogs:  $76/day

Three Dogs:  $84/day

On check-out day, if pet is checked out by 12:00 pm, there will be no charge for that day.
Pets will be charged a full day for the day they are dropped off (regardless of drop off time).

One Dog in Suite:  $40/day

Two Dogs in Suite:  $66/day

Three Dogs in Suite:  $76/day

One Dog in Room:  $46/day

Two Dogs in Room:  $76/day

Three Dogs in Room:  $84/day

One Dog in Room:  $36/day

Two Dogs in Room:  $56/day