General Information

The Pet Hotel is all-inclusive, and the daily price is dependent on the room that you reserve for your pet.  Check out our Rates and Rooms pages!   

​Exercise & Outdoor Playtime:

Our 2 acre property provides plenty of healthy outdoor time!  

  • Dogs are exercised (3) times daily: morning, afternoon, and evening.  
  • Dogs are walked outside individually to secure, high-fenced areas with plenty of room to run!  
  • Dogs enjoy human interaction and playtime with one of our caring dog walkers.  
  • Dogs do not share rooms or outdoor runs with any other dogs, unless they are from the same household.   
  • Cats enjoy human interaction and playtime in our indoor cat room!


  • Our resort provides a variety of dry Iams dog foods and dry cat food.
  • Guests may bring their own food if they prefer, but the room price remains the same.
  • Pets can be fed at the resort the same way they are fed at home!

Toys & Treats:

  • ​A complimentary afternoon snack is provided for all guests!
  • Additional treats, bones, or toys are welcome for your pet to enjoy in their accommodations.

Bowls & Bedding:

  • Pets are provided with clean bowls and bedding by PUPpourri. 
  • NO bowls or bedding of any kind are accepted from home. This will allow us to assure a clean resort for our pets!



  • Written proof that all inoculations are current and have been administered at least (7) days prior to check-in.  This includes Boosters (Distemper/Parvo), Bordetella, & Rabies for dogs and Boosters & Rabies for cats.
  • Pets with fleas and ticks are required to be treated at the owner's expense before vacationing at PUPpourri. Pets are checked for fleas and ticks at check-in.

Check-In & Check-Out

  • Guests are always charged the daily boarding rate for the check-in day, regardless of the time.
  • However, if the pet is picked up before 2:00 on the check-out day, then there is no charge for the check-out day.

Additional Fees

The only additional fees not included in the boarding rate are....

  1. Required or requested grooming services
  2. A $2 medication fee per day, per pet for any medication administration